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The Iron Man

The Iron Man, made for Peter Townshend's musical adaptation of the story, found resting in a barn at Moortown Farm in 1997. © Ann Skea

Old Crow
Flying your black bag of jewels
From chaos to chaos
Probe hard for those maggoty deaths
Which poison our lives.

'Poetry and Magic': An analysis of Birthday Letters and of Ted Hughes' use of Tarot and Cabbala in this sequence (Ongoing work. Last updated 4 March 2003).

Timeline - A chronological biography listing Ted Hughes' publications, interests and life events.

Ted Hughes at the Adelaide Festival,March 1976. A transcript of Ted Hughes' comments on fifteen of his early poems. This includes an outline of the Crow story.

Ted Hughes and Crow: A detailed discussion of Crow and of the role of Crow himself as a Trickster figure

Ted Hughes: Language and Culture (1982); and Ted Hughes: The Wound (1976). Transcripts of two ABC interviews with Ted Hughes.

'Ted Hughes and the British Bardic Tradition': Some reflections on a Poet Laureate's training, its Celtic origins and the traditional role of the bard.

'Wolf-Masks: From Hawk to Wolfwatching': Ted Hughes' use of the wolf as a symbol and a mask in his poetry.

'Regeneration in Remains of Elmet': A discussion of Ted Hughes' re-creation of his Yorkshire homeland, with close reference to many of the Elmet poems.

Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest: An exploration of Ted Hughes use of myth, mysticism and alchemy in Cave Birds, Remains of Elmet and River, with detailed examination of many of the poems.

Difficulties of a Bridegroom.(Faber, 1995). A review of Ted Hughes' book of this title.

'Understanding Ted Hughes'. A brief introduction to the poetry of Ted Hughes, with reference to poems by both Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

'Lire Ted Hughes: New Selected Poems 1957-94'. (Edition du Temps, 1998) A review of this book which contains a collection of academic papers in English and French.

Ted Hughes' Memorial Service. A personal record of the service held in Westminster Abbey on 13 May, 1999.

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