Feel tired, overworked, repressed and ineffectual?

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This simple, self-help test was devised by Gary7, a benevolent Nordic, to help you foil the plots of the evil Draco-Repitilians. What follows is a seemingly ordinary series of words. Gary7, using EEHTML, has embedded certain words in the upcoming text which will appear to blink if you are a clone. Read on and GOOD LUCK!

Begin test

Bobby, 22, was a fisherman with a difference. And what a difference! He had exactly what Daren, a Scottish interpretive dancer and part-time banker, needed to scare away the doldrums of his work-a-day life. Daren met Bobby at west end London pub, where a bottle of Belle's and wink were all a fellow needed to make make a new friend.

Now Bobby wasn't the sort of person to go home with just anyone. He need adventure! Romance! A well stocked liquor cabinet! And that's just what Daren offered. Though he was a dancer by vocation, Daren choose banking to escape the prosiac, uninventive ways of his "artistic" peers.

It was another rainy afternoon when Daren entered the Lonely Bachelor's. Bobby sat at the end of the bar sulking over the day's bad catch.

"Not a fish today! Aye, now how am I going to pay the rent?" Bobby asked of his fleeting Guiness.

Daren, enchanted by the Bobby's sailor's arms, siddled up to the stood next to Bobby.

"Hello, Sailor! Cum here often?" Daren said licking his teeth.

"Not right here. Usually, I make it to the bathroom." Bobby smiled.

"Oh he's got a little spunk! I know a place for your leaky faucet, Sailor!" Daren's pants tightened.


If all the the words appeared normal, thank whatever gods whom you call dear. If the words appear to fade in and out, you've been REPLACED!
For the good of humanity, turn yourself into the local authorities. There's no telling what harm you could cause.

* Extraterrestrially Enhanced HyperText Markup Language.


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