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In Memoriam

Dr Andrew Chamblin

This website
has a dual purpose: to respectfully mark Andrew's passing and to continue celebrating Andrew's life. An obituary notice for Andrew is here.

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Forthcoming Memorial Events

To find out about this year's Memorial Lectures and Memorial Concert, click on the menu at left for Memorial Lectures and Memorial Concerts.

Sandie Hall of Fame Induction

Amarillo High School voted to induct Andrew, who attended the high school in his hometown, into its Sandie Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony took place at 10 am on Thursday 10th April 2008 at the high school in Amarillo, Texas with a reception afterwards.

Memorial Lecture Fund

The University of Cambridge has established the Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture Fund, via the Cambridge Foundation, to support a named lecture series in Andrew's memory. To contribute, please use the following one-page form:

UK / International: PDF (22KB) Word (28KB)
USA: PDF (18KB) Word (42KB)

Each gift holds real meaning, regardless of size.

Memorial Concert Fund

The Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert Fund has been established at Andrew's Oxford college, Christ Church, to support a concert series in Andrew's memory, given his own accomplishments on the organ and harpsichord. To contribute, please use the following one-page PDF form:

UK: PDF (22KB)
International: PDF (18KB)

Each gift holds real meaning, regardless of size.

Memorial Conference

A one day meeting to commemorate the scientific work of Andrew Chamblin was held on Saturday 14th October 2006 in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre at Trinity College, Cambridge. It was followed by a banquet in Trinity College.

For more information, see the official (Cambridge) Conference webpage.

The Andrew Chamblin Group - symmetry group in Andrew's memory

Andrew has a symmetry group named in his memory.

Song in Andrew's Memory

Click here to read the lyrics and listen to the song (MP3 format)

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