[Andrew Chamblin Memorial Symposium]


I. Talks

Matthew Lippert (University of Louisville)
The Decay of Nearly Flat Space [pdf, ppt]
Joshua Erlich (College of William and Mary)
Gravitational Entropy from Gravitational Shear [pdf]
Jeremy Michelson (University of Kentucky)
Black Hole Vacua [pdf]
Robert C. Myers (Perimeter Institute)
Thermal Properties of Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories with Fundamental Matter from Gauge/Gravity Duality [pdf, ppt]
Clifford V. Johnson (University of Southern California)
A is for Action. A is for Andrew
Streaming video of the entire symposium has been produced by the Department of Physics at the University of Louisville:
Part I: Includes all morning talks (Lippert, Erlich, Michelson, Myers)
Part II: Includes all afternoon talks (Johnson and the Retrospective session)

II. Remembrances

III. Future Events

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